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About ABSL Diamonds

We present to you the second edition of ABSL Diamonds, the most prestigious sector award that aims to inspire excellence and innovation to strengthen the sector’s position as the powerhouse of the economy. We pride ourselves on the transparency and fairness, as the awards are non-commercial and unbiased.


As the largest organization representing the sector, ABSL promotes cutting edge solutions and initiatives that push the whole industry into new and exciting directions.


ABSL Diamonds were created to award projects and initiatives that had a significant and tangible impact on the business services sector and its stakeholders. In this edition, there will be two winners in each category, as we have added a distinction between Tigers – younger companies, and Lions – companies with more experience and employees. 3 projects from each group enter. One from each wins.

Detailed criteria

Business Leader in:


Business Excellence

We recognize the projects which enhance the process quality, reduce operational costs or are, overall, beneficial to the enterprise.


Business Leader in:


customer experience

We recognize the most compelling success story of building customer intimacy and improving customer satisfaction in business services delivery.


Business Leader in:


business game changer

The development of innovative organizational solutions or a successful delivery of a disruptive technology is our main criterion.


Business Leader in:


vibrant workplace

We reward innovative and creatively implemented initiatives or solutions, which result in an extraordinary work environment.


Business Leader in:


employer branding

We look for the most compelling employer branding campaign, which boosts reputation among its current and future employees.


Business Leader in:



We reward employee-led initiatives that make a difference and bring about positive change for the society.


Business Leader in:


Talent Development & Education

This category awards the best, most unique projects aimed at drawing, retaining and educating the talent pool of the company.


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Because of its high value, this event attracts top business sector members. Our exclusive banquet will promote the best of the best.


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ABSL is the leading business service association in Central and Eastern Europe. ABSL associates more than 180 top investors and supports the growth of the industry nationwide.

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You can contribute to ABSL Diamonds project by becoming our Partner. For more information, please contact Organizers.


— 300 EUR per person for member companies

— 400 EUR per person for non-member companies


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